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Visualization - Sport Psychology

Visualization – Best Mental Technique For Winning

How do you gurantee the perfect win? Practice? Hardwork? Try also Visualization! We train our best and develop the right stamina, speed, strength, and techincal prowess. But what falls short just before the competition? Our confidence level! Our concentration! Our self-belief! And our Mental toughness! Yes, all these mental skills are reasons why the best …

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Sports Psychology Live with Sporko on Instagram

Live on Sporko Academy Instagram – May 9, 2020

A live session on Sport Psychology and how you can train your mind as an athlete, collaborating with Sporko – The Little Big Dream on their Instagram handle.5:00 pm – May 9, 2020 – https://lnkd.in/g6UW7kH https://youtu.be/gPEFGV86gDc

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