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Media Interviews and Mental Health in Sport: Naomi Osaka: A Case in Point

Should Mental Health be compromised at the stake of Media Obligations for Athletes? Case of Naomi Osaka4 Time Grand Slam Champion At the end of major matches in the sports community, elite athletes are often required by the rules of the organization to appear for scheduled press conferences and comment on their performance in response …

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Psychology is a Tool to Change

It’s a Science. Psychology helps you understand things about your own behaviour and helps you change that for the better. It’s equally as helpful to know others (Social Psychology) and to Understand the Self through Reflection and Self-Analysis. How do you use this Science to change your day to day?

Sport Psychologist Kunashni - Mental Fitness

Being Fit Means Muscles, Mind, and Mood

Life is all about living in the moment, an unfit mind makes that very difficult to do. A key tenet of mental fitness is the ability to tune into the moment and free the mind from the cosmic jungle into the cosmic lake. ⁣⁣

Kunashni Psychologist - Beach Football

Missing Beach Football?

Who’s also missing the fun of Beach Football? What I love more about playing football on the beach, is the few seconds in between the kicks and saves, where I can feel the breeze on my face and smell the sea into my skin. That’s why I love beach football so much. Being in Nature …

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Subconscious Mind - Psychologist Kunashni

Subconscious Mind

Are you listening to what you tell yourself each day? Because Your Mind is Listening and Your Subconscious is Registering Everything!

Sport Psychology Research Internship - Kunashni Psychologist

Sport Psychology Research Internship

Sport Psychology Research Internship One Month Online Program 50 % Republic Day Discount Available until January 26th– Learn Basics of Sport Psychology– Learn Techniques Used in Sport Psychology– Conduct Independent Guided Research– E-Certificate Provided Upon Completion of InternshipBONUSES– One on One Mentoring and Career Guidance in Sport Psychology– Publish Your Research in Online Sport Psychology …

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Sport Psychology Workshop - 2 - Visualization Training with Mental Coach Kunashni Parikh

Sport Psychology Workshop – Visualization Training

Visualization The Best Sports Technique for Winning Set Your Dreams for 2021 With A Technique used by Champion Athletes Michael Phelps, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Conor McGregor and many more for Winning In this Workshop we will cover Visualization Basics, Playing with Confidence in Competitions, Cutting out Negative Thoughts Completely, and we will go through …

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Building Positive Resilience - Instagram Live Session - Psychologist

Building Positive Resilience – Live Session with Empathy 4 U

Join in for a Live Discussion on Positive Resilience Hapiness and Positivity Series by Empathy 4 u Dec 4th, 2020 at 12:00 PM IST INSTAGRAM LIVE What is Resilience? How do you get past Anything and Move on? Watch the Recording Here 6 Traits of Resilience People Self-Aware Accepting of the Situation Mindfully Living in …

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Kidz Cinema 2020 International Children's Film Festival

KIDZ Cinema – An International Children’s Film Festival – Selection Committee

A True Honor to have been on the Selection Committee for Kidz Cinema 2020 Honoured to have been part of the Selection Committee of Kidz Cinema 2020, an International Film Festival for Children supported by UNESCO Delhi which received 1101 film submissions from 87 countries around the globe.I have always loved watching and analysing films from …

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