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Why Athletes Don’t Give Up

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What makes athletes so relentless?

Sometimes, we wonder what makes athletes so strong? Mentally strong, I mean. Where they don’t give up, refuse to back down, and keep going, even when injured, even when facing a tough situation.

What are some factors that affect this mindset? Let's Take a Look

1. Their Goal is Bigger than Themself – It’s not about them (not always) it’s about the team, their state, the country, the community. And that’s bigger than just their own personal achievement. What some athletes are trying to do is to inspire others and be a change for other people.

2. Empathy – Athletes are good at reading people, and sports teaches you about sportsman spirit. Athletes are also considerate to their opponents. We see athletes across countries, making friends with each other, taking pictures together, and exchanging jerseys too. This social support, especially in team sports, helps an athlete stay grounded.

3. Humour – Athletes know how to laugh at themself. They can learn from their own mistakes and take things in a light spirit. They are way too familiar with the ups and downs of winning and losing, so they know you can’t take things too seriously. This keeps the mind light and free from pressure.

That's what makes an Athlete a different Personality from the rest.

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