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Kunashni Parikh

Kunashni Parikh is an Clinical Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, and Behavioural Neuroscience Research Scholar from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, where she was awarded the International Leader of Tomorrow Award for superior academic achievement and leadership in her field. She works with individuals, teams, coaches, and organisations globally in the area of mental health and performance. 

She has worked with eminent research professionals from UBC, Canada and the University of Auckland in New Zealand, having presented independent research papers in over four conferences. She has been the Lead Psychologist for developing India’s standardized mental health program for school children, conducted the Pan-India COVID Rehabilitation Corporate Wellness Program for Apollo Hospitals,  and has been part of the FC Goa  National Soccer Camps Program in collaboration with RB Leipzig Football Club, Germany, as the Lead Psychologist.

Kunashni is the former Football Vice-Captain and Goalkeeper for India U-17 that participated in the FIFA World Cup U-17 Qualifiers, Captain and Goalkeeper of the Maharashtra State team, and Goalkeeper for the Vancouver United Football Club in Canada. She is also a state level gymnast, black-belt in Karate, and district champion in squash, athletics, basketball, cricket, and throwball.

As a Clinical Psychologist, having worked in 3 hospitals across Mumbai, she also provides psychological assessment, therapy and counselling to individuals globally for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and various life mental health problems and stressors using cognitive-behavioural therapy and holistic practices.

Kunashni’s approach is warm, confidential, solution-oriented, and accepting. Her clients feel safe and understood in her sessions and see a vast change in their outlook and mental health outcomes. 


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“I must admit Kunashni comes across someone who has profound knowledge and a very good understanding of Sports Psychology.
Her explanation related to the importance of Mental Health for an Athlete was not only effective but also was lucid and easily understandable. Considering the fact that she herself was a Sportsperson, she has the ability to empathize with Athletes and strike a better and long lasting professional relationship with them.
I felt she had an approachable nature and was immensely mature as a Sports Psychologist. I certainly feel she has the potential to be among the best Psychologists the Sports Industry has seen in the years to come.”
Siddarth SabapathySports Management Professional, Co- Founder of Community Football Club India and Sporko Sports Academy, General Manager of Pro-Volleyball League Franchise Ahmedabad Defenders
“The Webinar had a good mood and was to the point and everything was nicely explained. Kunashni ma’am explained us very efficiently how to deal with the current (pandemic) situation. We were also given many Pointers which were very true and helped us to excel ahead. All the attendees were full of zeal and zest after the webinar. It motivated all of us to grow in sports and other aspects of life too. I whole heartedly thank Kunashni and the whole group at Rotary Club of Mumbai Champions who organized the webinar.”
Omkar JoshiStudent Athlete and Youth Cricketer
“There is a lot of stress around in a sport and our daily lives. I do believe one needs mental advice to overcome our stress and to find ways how to deal with different obstacles and decision which did not go our way. It was indeed a privilege to have a session with Kunashni Ma’am and to get fine insights on how to overcome mental strengths and how to deal with various situations in our life and sport. Was really a fruitful session to take home remedies to overcome and build good mental strength which is vital to get the best positive results.”
Ajay VermaBCCI Level 1 Cricket Umpire and Assistant Cricket Coach
“It was getting really difficult for me to concentrate on the sport any more. Sessions with Kunashni helped me get to know more about myself, my goals and importance of the sport in my life. I eventually could perform well on and off the field. Kunashni is a person who understands your issues really well and has experience in the sports industry. She has a lot of patience and makes sure you take the right steps. Her main focus is to make sure we get better in every step we take. I would like to thank Kunashni a lot for helping me get better in my day to day life and work towards my sports career back again.”
Professional Fitness Trainer and Semi-Professional Footballer

Kunashni’s Areas of Expertise

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Individual Sessions and Personal Counselling for Mental Health Problems including Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Trauma, and Relationship Counselling, among others

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Education and Training

Mental Health and Performance Workshops, Training, and Curriculum Development for Mental Health Programs in Schools and NGOs

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and Research

Expert Consultant for Development of brain wave technology and bio-feedback for Athlete Well-being and Performance

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Individual Mental Health Counselling and Group Training for Corporate Wellness Programs and Performance Evaluation

Unique Athlete Program

Kunashni uses a unique tailor-designed Athlete Mental Training Program to deliver the best of Sport Psychology to International Athletes and Teams. 

Kunashni Sport Psychologist - FC Goa


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