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Sport Psychologist and Counsellor

Kunashni Parikh

Kunashni Parikh is an International Sport Psychologist, Counsellor, and Behavioural Neuroscience Research Scholar from the University of British Columbia, Canada, where she was awarded the International Leader of Tomorrow Award. She works with individuals, teams, coaches, and organisations globally in the area of mental health and performance. 

She has worked with eminent research professionals from labs in Canada and the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and has designed a tailored Sport Psychology module as a Consultant for FC Goa in their National Soccer Camps Program in collaboration with RB Leipzig Football Club, Germany. 

Kunashni is the former Football Vice-Captain and Goalkeeper for India U-17 that participated in the FIFA World Cup U-17 Qualifiers, Captain and Goalkeeper of the Maharashtra State team, and Goalkeeper for the Vancouver United Football Club in Canada. 

As a Psychologist with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, she also provides counselling to individuals globally for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and various life mental stressors using cognitive-behavioural and holistic modes of psychotherapy.

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Ways to Work with Kunashni

One-on-One Session

Kunashni takes Individual Sessions and Personal Counselling to address your Mental Health Needs.

Teams and Academies

Kunashni works with teams and academies to apply sport psychology to enhance overall performance and results.

Expert Workshops

Kunashni's passion and knowledge on human psychology enables her to engage with a wide variety of audiences.

Online Training Course

Kunashni has designed an
online training course in sport psychology for athletes, coaches, and students.

Unique Athlete Program

Kunashni uses a unique tailor-designed Athlete Mental Training Program to deliver the best of Sport Psychology to International Athletes and Teams. 

Kunashni Sport Psychologist - FC Goa
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