Kunashni Parikh

Clinical and Sport Psychologist

Unique Athlete Program

This comprehensive mental training program is designed to enhance the psychological strength and performance of athletes. Through a series of 10 specialized modules, athletes and their parents will gain insights into effective mental strategies and practices, tailored to optimize athletic performance and personal growth.

Module 1: Meditation for Enhanced Focus and Patience

Module 2: Visualization to Boost Confidence and Positivity

Module 3: Advanced Visualization for Strategic Mastery and Resilience

Module 4: Pre-Performance Routines for Consistency and Flow

Module 5: Match Analysis for Performance Improvement

Module 6: Cultivating a Winning Mindset

Module 7: Developing a Self-Confident Personality

Module 8: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Module 9: Progress Tracking

Module 10: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Inner Potential?