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Why my session with a client is no different than my first class of psychology in Class 11

Kunashni - Sport Psychologist

I realised today that I approach each session with an individual client or athlete with the same enthusiasm as my first class of psychology in class 11.

Though many theories and experiences have filled my neurons since the past few years, the fervour and love for the mind sails strong.

I wake up to know my words are directly going to have an impact on how somebody is feeling today and how everyone in their Circle they interact with would be affected.

It’s a heavy, sweet, and challenging responsibility. I feel blessed to be able to wake up and know I am in a position to help someone today. To tell how they can take control of the squishy little substance that floats within our skull.

So happy, so positive for the future of mental health in each and every community.

Author: Kunashni Parikh is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist and Neuroscience Research Scholar from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She was the former Vice-Captain and Goalkeeper for the Junior India Women’s football Team. She works with athletes around the world to improve their performance through mental training and provides therapy of various mental illnesses and stress related issues. Know more here: www.kunashni.com


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