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How do you always stay motivated?

locus of control

How do you always stay motivated to perform better?

Find Our Your Locus of Control

locus of control

When things don’t work out for us, who do we blame? 

If you miss your shot or drop your guard, what was the reason? Do you use external reasons like the referee was biased, the crowd was too loud, the weather was really hot, or the match conditions were terrible? Or do you use internal reasons like saying I was not ready, I lost control, I could not focus, or I got tired? 

If you are someone who blames factors in your environment for your game outcome, you have an external locus of control. On the other hand, if you hold yourself responsible for your performance – you have an internal locus of control. So which locus of control works better?


Watch what Robin Van Persie has to say about "Winners Take Control"

Research in Science shows that when we take responsibility for our own results by having an internal locus of control, our levels of motivation are higher!

If we believe we cannot control the outcome, we are less likely to put effort into changing the results!

Therefore, one way to stay Motivated is to have an Internal locus of control

Take control of your actions and find reasons within yourself for your performance. 

If the cause is within you, you can change it!

So what is your locus of control?


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