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5 Signs Your Mental Health Needs Attention

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We all feel a little down from time to time when we receive a bad grade or have just had a fight with our friend.

Our emotions and mood might take a hit in these situations, but how do we know what we’re feeling is serious enough to say that our mental health needs attention?

Look for these 5 Signs

1. Changes in Eating Pattern

  • Eating too much – overeating and being unable to control your consumption of food can be a sign of stress and emotional dysregulation
  • Eating too less – not having an appetite, skipping meals, starving yourself, or disinterest in taking care of yourself can be signs of emotional fatigue

2. Changes in Sleeping Pattern

  • Sleeping too much – oversleeping, not feeling like starting the day, lethargy, and drowsiness can be signs of low mood or mental discomfort
  • Sleeping too less – Not being able to fall asleep easily at night, waking up multiple times in the middle of sleep, nightmares, disturbed sleep, restlessness

3. Changes in Energy Levels

  • You’re not able to do the same tasks with the energy that you used to have before
  • Procrastinating work – not wanting to get started
  • Finding easy tasks as suddenly very mentally challenging
  • Feeling confused easily
  • Low levels of concentration

4. Lower Productivity

  • You feel constantly under stress when performing
  • Not able to take a break
  • Not able to enjoy time off
  • Not able to complete deadlines on time because of overthinking and stress

5. Social Withdrawal

  • Hesitation in meeting friends or going out
  • Disconnected with family members
  • Canceling plans, meetings, and social gatherings

You can have one or multiple of these signs. Not all have to be present.

Other Symptoms include excessive self-doubt, flashbacks of traumatic memories, violent behaviour, hallucinations, and many more!

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Always remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health

Reach out to learn more about Mental Health, take a Counselling Session, or train your Mind to be Healthier and Happier!


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