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COVID-19 Vaccination boosts Mental Health – but does it really? Analysis on the Science

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“COVID-19 vaccination boosts mental health along with immunity, study finds”

Does it Really? Let’s take a look at the research protocol. Nothing against vaccination, but I like to be thorough with the Science.

Here is the article source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/02/220215125454.ht

It’s time we take a close look at what really were the results and what really we want to take away from this. The study is not wrong, the interpretation of media sources and framing of results is the problem.

The study here was conducted on a WITHIN Group sample as their experimental design. This research design can tell us a lot, no doubt. But does it answer the Research Question (RQ)?

The mental health scores were collected only for people who took the vaccination, so a before and after experimental design on the same sample.

Now, naturally, if someone really wants to take the vaccine and perceives the benefits of the vaccine as life-saving, then regardless of the outcome of the vaccination, their perceived stress level will drop and they would feel mentally better – what I would call a “psychological haven”.

To truly understand the benefits of vaccination on mental health, a Between Group Sample design would provide much more valid information. For example – This means testing mental health scores on people who did and did not take the vaccination to see if there is any difference in their scores. This would tell us about the benefits of vaccination on mental health irrespective of the variable of psychological motivation.

Again, nothing against Vaccinations, we all need to be safe. But how we tell stories of our research findings is so very important.

Extrapolating the science to another avenues makes me question the authors, understanding of research protocols, and a sketchy promotion of vested interests.

What are your thoughts?

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Author: Kunashni Parikh is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist and Neuroscience Research Scholar from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She was the former Vice-Captain and Goalkeeper for the Junior India Women’s football Team. She works with athletes around the world to improve their performance through mental training and provides therapy of various mental illnesses and stress related issues. Know more here: www.kunashni.com


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