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Clinical and Sport Psychologist

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10 Step Athlete Mental Training Program – Bronze

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What is in this Athlete Mental Training Course?

  • 10-Step process of Mental Training to learn how to enhance your performance to perform at peak levels by harnessing control over the mind.

What will I learn in this Course?

  • In this Bronze Level Course, You will learn to build your confidence, learn how to deal with match pressure, set the right targets, increase your motivational drive, understand your goals better, learn to take control of the situation and will learn powerful techniques like Visualization used in the field of Sport Psychology. It is the perfect start for anyone wanting to train their Mind.

Who can take this Course?

  • Athletes, Coaches, Psychology Students, Sports Professionals, and anyone interested in learning how the mind works in Athletic Performance.
  • No Age Restrictions


  • English
  • Hindi

Will I get a Certificate?

  • Yes
  • If you complete all lessons and quizzes you can download your Certificate of Completion

What is inside the Course?

  • 10 Videos on Different Topics in Mental Training
  • 5 Quizzes to test Your Mental Skills and Learning
  • 4 Worksheets to Improve Your Skills
  • The Master Technique of Visualization
  • 1 Bonus Lesson
  • + Many Practical Tips

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The Athlete Mental Training Program

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