Psychology Workshop – How to Get Out of Negative Thoughts in 5 Minutes

Sport Psychology Workshop #3 - Kunashni Psychologist

Are you always Over-thinking or Having Negative Thoughts?

Then this Workshop is for you!

Hack Your Mindset and Change Your Way of Thinking the way Elite Professionals do it to Increase your Performance in 5 Minutes

Sport Psychology Workshop #3 - Kunashni Psychologist

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Psychology Workshop

4:00 - 6:00 PM IST | Saturday January 9, 2020


Kunashni Parikh

Clinical and Sport Psychologist
Mental Coach for Professional Athletes
Ex-Indian Vice-Captain and Footballer

What will you get out of this Workshop?

  • A Robust Psychology Technique to Get out of Negative Thoughts within 5 minutes
  • 5 Tips to Build a Positive Mindset
  • Thought Techniques To Move on From Failure
  • 3 Solid Ways to Uplift Your Confidence Instantly
  • A Guided Practical Session on How to Hack Your Mind and Change it to What you Want

Bonuses that you will get with this Workshop

#1 🌟 BONUS: Positive Mindset Starter Kit: A Guided Tool to Change Your Thinking Pattern

#2 🌟 BONUS: Secret Tips to Make Visualization Technique more Powerful

#3 🌟 BONUS: Goal-Setting Blueprint for 2021

All for Rs. 299/-

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