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Sport Psychology Research Internship

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An Internship with Personal Mentoring for Students of Psychology, Professional Psychologists and interested Individuals to learn theories and applications of Sport Psychology paired with a guided Research Component

Who Should Enrol For This Course:

This Course is open to all individuals interested in the field of Sport Psychology who want to pursue an active course with individualised mentoring and who want to conduct a hands-on research project in Sport Psychology. Psychology Students, Athletes, Coaches, Parents, and Sports Professionals, can take this Course.

What is Sport Psychology:

Sport Psychology is a science that studies the mind and how it affects performance. Athletes play at high level pressure where the mind has to be in their control. A Sport Psychologist uses knowledge from Sport Psychology and applies it to Athletes to Improve their performance through Mental Skills Training.

Why You Should Enrol in This Course:

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Sport Psychology. It is easy to learn. It includes interactive videos, regular quizzes and homework assignments. It also allows you personal access to the course supervisor where you can share doubts, get feedback for assignments, and get guidance on conducting and presenting your research project.


  • Understand the Foundations of Sport Psychology
  • Understand the Applications and Techniques of Sport Psychology
  • Conduct an Independent Supervised Research Project
  • Communicate the Research Results via Report and Presentation

Timeline: 6 Weeks Program: 4 Hours Per week

Mode: Online


Every Tuesday and Thursday, students will be expected to watch the recorded course video, make notes, and follow up with the assigned homework. Students will be expected to complete and submit the given assignments on time before the beginning of the next class to be able to move forward to the next class. Every Saturday, the students are expected to schedule an individual call with the Supervisor to discuss the course material, receive feedback on homework assignments, and discuss one unique case study. Every Call with the Supervisor will have an assignment that will be due on the following Monday. In the second half of the internship, students will begin to design and conduct their own research project in Sport Psychology. The course ends with a presentation of the Research Project to the Supervisor and a closing discussion. Please see the course schedule for a break-down of the course structure and timeline.

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